About Us

Fanplayr is the leader in targeted real-time ecommerce offers. By harnessing the power of Big Data, Fanplayr’s ‘Smart & Targeted Conversions’ enables marketers to identify, profile and target visitors with customized offers in real-time during the shopping experience. Fanplayr has headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

Contact Us

Fanplayr Inc.
525 Lytton Avenue
Palo Alto, CA 94301
+1 (855) 326-7529


Simon Yencken – CEO

A serial entrepreneur experienced in building and scaling startups. Former senior executive at Reuters & Tibco with background in media and big data. Investor in e-commerce companies such as RedBubble & Bonfaire.

Specialties: Social marketing, digital marketing, coupons & offers, internet & software industry.

Derek Adelman – V.P. of Operations

Entrepreneur, software developer, and manager. Knowledgeable about real-time solutions, high speed messaging and analytics. As former VP at Reuters and TIBCO, Derek was responsible for TIBMercury, a widely deployed line of on-line trading solutions. Experienced in software development and sales in Asia.

Specialties: Real-time solutions and analytics technology, fluent in the Japanese language.

Rajiv Sunkara – CTO

A senior tech executive experienced in building and scaling startup engineering teams, growing to 100+ person development teams. Expertise in real-time highly scalable apps, social & mobile apps, Big Data & SaaS.

Specialties: Product management, development, building & managing off-shore teams, engineering process implementation for scaling.