Smart & Targeted Conversions

Fanplayr’s Smart & Targeted Conversions is an intelligence-based Offers Platform designed to help online merchants increase sales, improve average order values and optimize purchase incentive margins.

Smart & Targeted first analyzes a merchant’s site to determine profiles of visitors that would be most receptive to specific offers and timing. Smart & Targeted’s Saas-based platform is then used to create campaigns that segment traffic and present dynamic offers based on visitor behavior — The Right Offer at the Right Time.

Why Use Smart & Targeted Conversions?

Purchase incentives can have a profound impact on your revenue and margins. The right offer at the right time can help you close a sale, while using the minimum discount needed to convert a prospect to a sale contributes directly to your bottom line.

Why leave such a powerful tool to chance?

Fanplayr’s Smart & Targeted Conversions takes an intelligent approach to purchase incentives.

What are the benefits?

* Based on real customer data

How does it work?


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