BadkamerXXL offers over 40,000 quality sanitary products in its webshops from well known brands like Villeroy & Boch, Duravit and Grohe to their own homebrand Blinq. The shops are part of Project XXL B.V which has a team of five professionals. The common goal is to provide added value in the online market for sanitary products by offering good service, quick delivery and competitive prices.

Fanplayr’s Approach

Segmentation Strategy

BadkamerXXL managed to significantly increase the conversion rate and average order value of its webshops with Fanplayr targeted incentives.

With the help and expertise of Fanplayr and advanced data analysis, visitor segments with a low chance to convert have been defined. By offering these segments under specific circumstances a temporary benefit (a on shareable discount code) a sense of urgency is created. As a result the willingness to purchase as well as the average order value have increased.

Several offers and combinations have been tested during two months to find the most effective strategy with the highest margin contribution. Eventually a strategy has been chosen to focus on brands and categories with a high margin, cross-sell and upsell, website abandoners and cart abandoners.

“Since the cooperation with Fanplayr the conversion rate as well as the average order value have significantly increased. On top of that we have realised an increase in revenue of 50% on our home brand. The Fanplayr technology has become an important part of our marketing approach.” - Daniël Bennik – Online Marketing Manager


Conversion Rate Increased by 40%

The results have been evaluated with the user friendly Fanplayr interface and the integrated A/B test functionality.

Within the defined segments the average order value increased by 6% and the conversion rate by 40%. The positive contribution to the net turnover was 48%.

BadkamerXXL A/B