PromoFarma is the biggest online pharmacy in Spain, providing more than 30,000 products including drugs, beauty and child care products.

Its added value is an efficient logistic: the order is made online and one of the physical stores delivers the products within 48 hours.


Intelligent increase in conversion rates

Promofarma wanted to increase the conversion rate of new buyers and reduce their cart abandonment rate. The key was to optimize the conversion rate without investing in a “spray & pray” solution, targeting in a smart way only those visitors who needed an incentive in order to become buyers. This would have increased the total revenue without wasting discounts for those visitors who would have bought anyway.



Fanplayr’s segmentation strategy

Using the advanced segmentation solution and the help of Fanplayr’s Campaign Managers, Promofarma was able to identify the profile of low-converting visitors analyzing their behavior on the website. The campaign included purchase intention strategy focused on increasing the engagement on the website along with a upselling strategy whose goal was to increase the average order value. Fanplayr also provided a cart retention strategy that targeted cart abandoners with an ad-hoc offer with an optimized timing of display.


Conversion rate increased by 51%

Fanplayr implemented an A/B test to measure the effective impact of its campaign for Promofarma. Only 50% percents of visitors would have displayed the proposed offers while the other 50% would have kept their regular user journey. In this way, the two clusters and the main KPIs were compared.

For the set of targeted users, the conversion rate increased by 51% and the Net revenues by 48%.

  • 51% Conversion Rate Increase
  • 48% Net Revenue Increase

“We were looking for a solution that could help us maximize our conversion rate of new users and reduce their cart abandonment rate; Fanplayr was a perfect fit for us.” - Jose-Miguel Pulido,, Cofounder