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Advertising And
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How hesitancy, weak preparation and poor solution choices could see ad effectiveness

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tracking individual consumers
The Cookies Apocalipse

What will happen when third party cookies are officially defunct? Even though Google postponed its plans to dismiss them, in 2023 companies and digital strategists must find a solution for their digital marketing or suffer the consequences.

What are the most effective alternatives to the approaching cookie apocalypse?

Here at Fanplayr we conducted research amongst marketing and online publishing decision-makers in the UK, to discover how they are preparing for this new reality.

Discover what they told us!

What's inside
With the end of third-party cookies, organisations will no longer be able to track individual consumers cross domain from one site to another, ending the primary source of data that advertisers have relied on for personalisation and targeting for years.This is the most impactful change in digital advertising in decades, and will compel companies and agencies that serve online brands to use new tools and technologies such as segmentation-as-a-service, if they want to achieve high levels of personalisation and relevance in order to optimise each consumer’s website visit.

Fanplayr is a global leader in providing behavioral data analyses and personalised buyer journey thanks to the use of patented behavioral segmentation tech, powered by AI, that improves website & e-commerce conversions, while maintaining user privacy.

What are the most effective alternatives to the approaching cookie apocalypse?