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Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company, is an American automobile division of the American manufacturer General Motors (GM) founded in 1911. This company is one of the worlds leader's manufacturer and Chevrolet-branded vehicles are sold in most automotive markets worldwide.


The challenge is to increase the website lead generate rate getting as many leads as we can every month for specific car models. In order to do so, we target all users that show the intention or the probability to leave the site displaying an overlay that reminds them they can leave their personal details to be on top of all the promotions and discounts of the model of their choice.We personalize user navigation onsite showing a different creative based on the interests user showed towards a specific car model during their navigation.

Thanks to Fanplayr strategies we have collected more than 6,500 leads so far this year, achieving our goals and keep on moving forward for the rest of the year.
Carlos Arenas
Digital Director

Through the use of Fanplayr advanced segmentation real-time technology Chevrolet has achieved 11% CTR and 9% CR post click.

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