Create immersive experiences that keep users engaged with your content

Stimulate your users to stay engaged with your content leveraging the behavioral data they leave on your website. Suggest and deliver the right content at the right time and guide them easily through your catalog to the desired product thanks to customer engagement platforms that include smart targeting, product recommendations and personalized messaging.

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Attract Users With Personalization And Fuel Subscription Growth

Show users that your great content is worth subscribing for: offer tailor-made experiences to users who land on your website for the first time, or to those hesitant users who are returning but yet have not converted, to make sure they stay engaged and finally increase your subscription rate.

Give Users Directions To The Content They Like

Keep your customers' engagement high by always serving content they love with UX personalization, leveraging smart visual merchandising and recommendations. Display your catalog in a smart way with individual customer data to push content in real time and increase customer satisfaction.

Offer Viewers Subscription Options

Create personalized offers for viewers who have not yet upgraded their subscription plan. Design customized messages and offers to keep users engaged and drive them to take their subscription to the next level!

Win audience loyalty

By offering personalized experiences, viewers feel connected to the content they love, and therefore feel loyal to your platform. This can help you increase your renewal rate and create long-lasting relationships with loyal viewers.

increase in engagement

Using the fully managed service provided by the Customer Success team at Fanplayr, we constantly adapt strategies based on the changing of user habits and based on seasonality.

Marta Dones
Customer Marketing Manager Infinity+

We can't wait to grow your conversions!

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