Increase bookings and revenues offering travelers personalized customer experiences

Guide users during the process of booking a trip! Group customers into behavioral segments and understand their stage in the purchase journey across all touchpoints. Take action with relevant real-time offers to deliver personalized travel experiences and offer them the best solution they are looking for.

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Facilitate The Travelling Experience

Support the process of booking a trip by sending targeted messages that call for an action. Always send relevant messages by recognizing and segmenting first-time travelers and returning customers, and predict what they need. Reduce bounce rate and increase bookings.

Make The Most Out Of The Services You Offer

Boost your ancillary sales by always offering the best solution to each traveler. Guide them with targeted communications through all the additional services you offer to get the full travel experience. Suggest the right insurance, the right car or the right hotel for the perfect holiday, and make your customers feel cared for under any aspect of their journey.

Build Brand Loyalty

Satisfy and serve travelers' demands with a personalized travel experience that anticipates their needs. Offer AI based travel recommendations and encourage users to book a trip leveraging remarketing strategies such as personalized emails, web push notifications or SMS to keep the conversation going. Take action on behavioral data collected during past visits or previous bookings to build loyalty on-site and offsite, and create long-lasting relationships.

increase in conversions

Fanplayr proved to be an excellent tool thanks to which we were able to identify and target an audience otherwise extremely difficult and expensive to reach.

Stefano Sinagra
Acquisition Manager – eBusiness, Alitalia

We can't wait to grow your conversions!

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