Understand your customer needs and book more Test Drives

Entice your customers to learn more about your products, book test drives, and configure their favorite car. Leverage their interests to keep them engaged by targeting them with both informative and promotional messages, finally driving them to store to start the conversion funnel.

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Profile Users To Deliver Experiences That Match Their Interests

Our segmentation technology allows you to analyze your traffic and divide users in clusters based on behavioral attributes. Guide your users during the navigation offering information based on first-party data collected in real time or during previous visits. Reduce bounce rate and increase engagement by delivering relevant and timely content that matches specific user interests.

Lead Drivers Towards Their Dream Car

Leveraging data, create a simple yet curated experience that will push drivers to personalize their dream car. Offer incentivized communications to promote car configuration and acquire new contacts by pushing users to download your brochure, therefore improving your lead acquisition process.

Elevate Your UX: Connect Your Digital And Physical Stores

Connect with your customer at several different points along the buying journey with a seamless experience that integrates online with offline. Send dedicated messages cross-site to generate requests for test drives and drive users to store to continue the funnel.

Build meaningful relationships over time

The process of purchasing a vehicle can take a long time. Therefore, it becomes crucial to assist users cross-channel and at different timely stages of the funnel. Create a relationship with your customers that extends beyond vehicle purchase using SMS and email marketing.

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Thanks to Fanplayr strategies we have collected more than 6,500 leads so far this year, achieving our goals and keep on moving forward for the rest of the year.

Carlos Arenas
Digital Director, Chevrolet

We can't wait to grow your conversions!

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