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In Total Revenue from targeted users

The Fanplayr team has been a delight to work with, full of enthusiastic ideas and suggestions to improve our conversion, followed up with solid and regular reporting on results. Their technical team seems to be able to work around all kinds of technical challenges we've had on our website. We've been very happy with the project to date.

Loic Robertson
Chief Marketing Officer
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Conversion Rate

We highly value the partnership with Fanplayr. The fact that Fanplayr does the majority of the heavy lifting with regards site audit, data analysis, personalisation strategy and creative build & optimisation means that improvements in site performance are quick to implement and immediately effective in terms of results. Collaborating with the team to drive onsite performance was a real success story as evidenced by the numbers.

Tim Allnutt
Head of Marketing and Communications
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Over 2 and a half years, Fanplayr has been able to create a customer base of 500.000 Web Push Notifications subscribers. Over 3.4M messages have been sent, with an overall interaction rate of 2%. This tool is useful for our business, not only to recover abandoned carts, but also to communicate with our users in an easy, fast and effective way.

Diego Morgandi
E-commerce Director @KIKO Milano
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Conversion Rate

Thanks to the behavioral analysis carried out by the Fanplayr team, we have been able to identify the users clusters with lower purchase intention, with the ultimate goal of converting them into customers using different techniques. Beyond the AB test results, the ROI generated and the increase in the subscriptions demonstrated the success of Fanplayr's technology.

Marco Mazzilli | Ivana Zhao
eCommerce Manager EMEA | US
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Click-Through Rate

Thanks to Fanplayr, we figured out how to convey the right message to the right audience, and we increased the users engagement and conversion rate with a yearly return on investment of 2.500%. We look forward to keep on leveraging the amazing solutions Fanplayr has to offer.

Alessandro Vriale
DtC E-commerce and Performance Media Manager
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Monthly Conversions

With Fanplayr we now have a solution that not only enables us to understand real time user behaviour, but also to engage them with personalized on-site interactions, thus enabling personalized customer journeys with consistent tailor-made messages that keep the consumer motivated and willing to convert.

Domenico Riva
Customer Experience & Customer Operations Manager
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