A Complete Set Of Marketing Automation Tools For E-Commerce

Harness the power of behavioral data to improve your performance and provide personalized shopping experiences tailor-made to each user. Track incoming user characteristics and on-site behavior throughout the conversion funnel to keep customers engaged with relevant offers and messages in real-time.

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Keep Users Engaged
And Interested

Stage the perfect user journey leveraging real-time data and personalization for a seamless omnichannel experience. Create a dialogue that feels unique to each customer: understand their preferences to keep them engaged with your site and catch their attention with interesting promotions that call for an action to reduce bounce and abandonment rate, while also increasing the chance of conversion.

Track Your
Shoppers' Needs

With our merchandising platform, you can use AI based product recommendations to suggest relevant products in real-time to your shoppers. Display your catalog in a way that is appealing to and relevant for each user, and deliver meaningful experiences. Improve average order value, upsell and cross-sell specific items by suggesting the right product at the right stage of the funnel.

Show Them
You're Different

Create a dialogue with each customer that is based on their unique behaviors, preferences and needs. Differentiate your business from competitors by creating consistent and valuable relationships with your customers. Offer your support through different channels both on-site and offsite: this will help you create a loyal base of customers that engages with your brand regularly.


Fanplayr has been a strategic partner for us since, through its technology, it has allowed us to better understand the behavior of our customers on our website and thereby improve conversion.

Ignacio Sime
Digital Platforms Assistant Manager, New Balance

We can't wait to grow your conversions!

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