Offer a seamless experience to facilitate the activation of new contracts

Finding the right service can be difficult for online users. Guide them through the variety of offers on your website with targeted messages, and create a seamless customer journey to help them find the specific service they want and need.

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Guide Users Towards Your Utility Services

Support your customers' utilities management journey using the first party data gathered during their navigation on your site. Make it easy for users to find what they are looking for and exploit the 1 to 1 UX capabilities to catch users’ attention to reduce bounce rate and increase engagement.

Onboard new clients

Identify low-converting user clusters to deliver personalized messages and encourage them to sign up. Set up customer support triggers for when they hesitate: incite them to contact you, acquire valuable leads and take your customer service to the next level.

The right offer
at the right time

Push specific utility services and offers: leverage machine learning as well as current and historic behavior on-site to segment users and offer a variety of solutions that best fit their needs. With an omnichannel strategy, you can keep the conversation going fluently by retargeting them via email, SMS or with web push notifications that can redirect the user towards your properties.

From users to
loyal customers

Position your brand as their landmark and first point of contact to fulfill their utilities needs by building trust in your relationship and increasing loyalty. Target your customers with upselling and cross-selling strategies that aim to create a stronger relationship and consequently increase customers’ lifetime value.

monthly conversions from Fanplayr

Fanplayr not only enables us to understand real time user behaviour, but also to engage them with personalized on-site interactions, enabling personalized customer journeys with consistent tailor-made messages that keep the consumer motivated and willing to convert.

Domenico Riva
Customer Experience & Operations Manager, Ho Mobile

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