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In Total Revenue from targeted users is a British-based online travel agency specialising in cruise holidays. They are one of the largest cruise travel agents in the United Kingdom and offer a wide range of cruise deals and packages from various cruise lines worldwide.


The Fanplayr team was tasked by The Kite Factory with optimising and personalising the onsite experience for users, with a view to increasing the performance of the website. Once theFanplayr technology was deployed onsite, a site audit was conducted to highlight opportunities to improve conversion using behavioural segmentation. Personalisation strategies were then devised to capitalise on these opportunities with a view to driving onsite performance.
By deploying behavioural segmentation in real time, Fanplayr is able to identify hesitant users, returning users and those users looking to abandon cart and site in session. Users falling into these buckets are engaged with personalised creative, often featuring offers and incentives currently live, designed to encourage the user to convert in session.

The Fanplayr team has been a delight to work with, full of enthusiastic ideas and suggestions to improve our conversion, followed up with solid and regular reporting on results. Their technical team seems to be able to work around all kinds of technical challenges we've had on our website. We've been very happy with the project to date.
Loic Robertson
Chief Marketing Officer

As part of the activity we conducted an A/B test to establish incrementality. This testing registered significant improvement across multiple KPIs; some strategies saw a +62% increase in conversion rates and up to +65% in net revenue from cruise quotes.

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