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Ho Mobile

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ho. Mobile is the smart mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) for the Italian market. Thanks to its simple, clear and compelling offers it has more than 2.6 million users.


Fanplayr operates two different strategies for ho. Mobile. They both target undecided and low-intent users who look like they are about to abandon the site before and after starting the conversion funnel.For users who have not started the conversion funnel, the Fanplayr widget delivered an engagement rate of 4% and a post click conversion rate of 2.5%, despite the fact that these users were identified as low intent based on their behaviour. Users who have started the conversion funnel and are demonstrating low intent, receive an economic incentive that they are entitled to once the purchase process is complete. Fanplayr in this case only targets 7% of those userscommencing the process, of these users engaged, 36% complete the transaction process, with a redemption rate of 38% on the promotion code.

With Fanplayr we now have a solution that not only enables us to understand real time user behaviour, but also to engage them with personalized on-site interactions, thus enabling personalized customer journeys with consistent tailor-made messages that keep the consumer motivated and willing to convert.
Domenico Riva
Customer Experience & Customer Operations Manager

Thanks to Fanplayr's advanced segmentation real-time technology, ho. Mobile was able to personalize the customer experience, strenghtening both retention and engagement. Fanplayr contributes to more than 1k conversions every month.

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