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KIKO Milano

CR for cart recovery Web Push Notifications

Conceived and founded in 1997 by Percassi, KIKO Milano is an Italian professional cosmetics brand that offers a line of make-up and cutting-edge face and body treatments. Products are of the highest quality, safe and effective, created to satisfy the beauty desires of women of all ages.


Fanplayr is working closely with KIKO Milano in crafting highly personalized onsite experiences that drive maximum ROI and conversions. Fanplayr leverages advanced segmentation strategies, utilizing behavioral data analysis, and employing effective tools such us web push notifications to engage and convert their target audience and also to provide product recommendations to increase net revenue per user.

KIKO Milano integrated web push notifications into their existing Fanplayr package in 2021 to engage and convert desktop and mobile users after leaving the website.

With the new Web Push Notification strategy, KIKO Milano leverages personalized messages to recover abandoned carts, highlight promotions, and special occasions, targeting specific clusters of subscribers.

Over 2 and a half years, Fanplayr has been able to create a customer base of 500.000 Web Push Notifications subscribers. Over 3.4M messages have been sent, with an overall interaction rate of 2%. This tool is useful for our business, not only to recover abandoned carts, but also to communicate with our users in an easy, fast and effective way.
Diego Morgandi
E-commerce Director @KIKO Milano

Thanks to Fanplayr’s advanced segmentation real-time technology, KIKO MILANO was able to achieve a 2,7% CTR and 3,3% CR for cart recovery push notifications.

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