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Samsung Italia is the Italian branch of Samsung, a South-Korean multinational company founded in 1938. Samsung operates worldwide as one of the largest companies in the field of electronics, technology, and innovation. Its mission is to innovate and create technologies that help people in their daily activities and improve their lives. Samsung is currently the world's largest smartphone manufacturer.


Samsung wanted to increase user engagement and conversion rate, so Fanplayr leveraged their onsite behavioral data to come up with a strategy which personalized the user experience. Users were segmented depending on the behavior they displayed onsite, and were then shown a tailored promotion, incentivizing them to convert.

Thanks to Fanplayr, we figured out how to convey the right message to the right audience, and we increased the users engagement and conversion rate with a yearly return on investment of 2.500%. We look forward to keep on leveraging the amazing solutions Fanplayr has to offer.
Alessandro Vriale
DtC E-commerce and Performance Media Manager

Thanks to its advanced segmentation and real-time technology, Fanplayr's strategies for Samsung achieved a 17% CTR and a 3% CR post click. Fanplayr activities have been optimized to reach an outstanding ROAS of 2,500%.

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