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Venchi is an Italian gourmet chocolate manufacturer founded by chocolatier Silviano Venchi. After its establishment in Turin in early 1878, the company expanded throughout Italy with its Nougatine, small candies made of crushed and caramelized hazelnuts coated in dark chocolate. Now, Venchi is one of the best known gourmet chocolate brand in all over the world.


Fanplayr's on-site targeting capabilities have enabled Venchi to drive conversions among the website's low-converting audience. By delivering personalized messages and actions based on users' behavior, delivery country, and commercial calendar, Venchi has successfully captured the attention of users who exhibit cart abandonment tendencies during crucial brand seasons like Christmas and Easter. Engaging interactions such as the Advent Calendar have been employed to provide time-bound promotions on seasonal products, enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Thanks to the behavioral analysis carried out by the Fanplayr team, we have been able to identify the users clusters with lower purchase intention, with the ultimate goal of converting them into customers using different techniques. Beyond the AB test results, the ROI generated and the increase in the subscriptions demonstrated the success of Fanplayr's technology.
Marco Mazzilli | Ivana Zhao
eCommerce Manager EMEA | US

During the AB test conducted on the US domain, the on-site targeting actions implemented by Fanplayr demonstrated significant success. The analysis revealed a noteworthy 10% increase in %CR and a 5% increase in Net Revenue for the Target Group. Additionally, in terms of ROI, Fanplayr activity generated an impressive 30-fold value compared to the monthly investment.

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