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An Interview With Juan Sevillano,VP Iberic Fanplayr and Lidia Sanz Montes, Director Of The AEA

Juan Sevillano, VP Portugal + Spain Fanplayr, tells us about how companies have to especially focus on CRO strategies and on the personalization of the purchase process, through the example of the solutions provided by Fanplayr.

Is the Spanish market ready to welcome the services offered by Fanplayr?
E-Commerce and digitization have conquered the world of business around the world. At the same time, the pandemic has pushed companies to invest in digital strategies in order to survive, although they need to differentiate their offer, especially in the relationship they have with the consumer.Along with this, competing companies such as ADOBE, ABtesting or Google Targeting and other leaders in conversion rate optimization or CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization) also operate in the Spanish market. However, in Spain, most of the top 100 advertising companies have a general idea about CRO, but less than 20% of them are implementing measures in this regard. The main reason is that Spain is not a market in which technology fees are usually paid, but rather one that operates with business models based on performance or according to the preferred option chosen by the main technological players in the market.Despite this context, Fanplayr has the right flexibility and focus for the Spanish market, especially for global brands that have local marketing budgets that could be geared towards campaign performance. In this way in Spain all potential advertisers may be able to implement a CRO strategy.

What does this type of solution provide?
Fanplayr's patented segmentation technology is a powerful engine for the personalization of the consumer purchase process in all existing channels. Thus, thanks to the data on user behavior that it collects on websites, it can segment said information into more than 150 categories. This allows us to be able to send truly personalized messages in real time, to each user, through notifications on the site, SMS or emails. And always, of course, respecting the privacy rules.Fanplayr makes user behavior data actionable. In other words, we have the technology and the ability to collect a large amount of data and transform it into personalized strategies both on the sites and in sending messages or merchandising to customers, in order to increase conversion rates and website performance.

What are your first moves and what business and expansion prospects do you have?
We want to make Fanplayr known in the Spanish market and start with our first important collaborations with both companies and agencies, so that we can continue to grow and further expand our presence in Spain.Therefore, being able to collaborate with the Spanish Association of Advertisers (AEA) is essential. Especially to do it hand in hand with Lidia Sanz and her team. Because since their association they have led the dialogue between brands and the digital advertising industry in Spain. And when it comes to technology, they have been concerned with making it accessible, easy to understand and useful for advertisers.Lidia Sanz Montes, general director of AEA (Spanish Association of Advertisers), for her part, puts on the table the importance of a good strategic choice that takes into account the needs of the client in a scenario where it is important not to lose sight of the digital transformation, transversality and new business models as well as relationships, always following a purpose that gives meaning to the brand.

What does it mean for you to work with Juan Sevillano?
The partnership with Fanplayr, represented by Juan Sevillano, is great news for us. We have known Juan for a long time and he has always been very proactive in his collaboration and help to the association. He is a great professional with in-depth knowledge of important cutting-edge issues for the development of commercial communication. I am sure it will be of great help and support.

How can advertisers respond to skyrocketing advertising costs across all platforms, as opposed to low marketing budgets?
Advertisers can only act on these issues individually, using a lot of information from the media and with strategies that are very focused on their needs and audiences. In the association we carry out training sessions that complement them to make the best decisions. It is also important that they have a good understanding of consumer behavior in relation to media consumption with standardized and audited data.More specifically, in relation to prices, associations have to advocate for compliance with competition laws and regulations. In this sense, the AEA has established very strict rules for our meetings.

What are the keys to retaining a customer today?
There are many services and types of clients, therefore knowledge and personalized service are essential here. Technology has advanced greatly, but in the end everything always converges on a relationship issue, where common sense is essential, as well as transparent relationships, good value for money, problem solving... In short, what which has always worked.

What trends do you think will be consolidated in the future of the advertising industry?
At the AEA we have several studies and reports that help us establish the trends and future of the advertising industry. On the one hand, there is the Committee of Experts, and on the other, the TREND SCORE, for the study of trends that we carry out with SCOPEN and of which we have already carried out 25 waves.In general terms, we can say that we are witnessing a profound change in communication that generates uncertainty and unknown situations that require new relationships, structures and profiles in the different agents of the sector, such as the relationship between advertiser and renewed agency. As well as the necessary greater transversality, the new models of work and relationships. Business technology and digital transformation. In addition to combining brand purpose with sales objectives and the necessary complementarity of the media as contact points in the transformation process.

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