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Fanplayr 360, the platform that helps businesses increase the captation of new customers

On Tuesday, June 27, a groundbreaking event took place in Spain organized by Fanplayr titled "Leverage the Power of Your Customer Data: Lunch & Learn with Fanplayr." This event marked the introduction of Fanplayr's highly anticipated customer data platform, Fanplayr 360.

Fanplayr 360 brings significant benefits to businesses by addressing the evolving needs and expectations of customers in the marketing technology field. It enables companies to efficiently copy, store, and manage customer data from various sources. By doing so, it enhances operational efficiency, improves customer acquisition, and drives revenue growth.

Designed to cater to medium and large companies, Fanplayr 360 focuses on accessibility while offering a reasonably priced solution. It empowers businesses to increase new customer acquisition, enhance customer lifecycle value, improve customer retention, and elevate the overall customer experience. In essence, Fanplayr 360 disrupts the market by changing the rules of the game.

According to Simon Yencken, the CEO and co-founder of Fanplayr, Fanplayr 360 CDP is of utmost importance for companies in Spain. It enables a better understanding of customers, fosters greater engagement, delivers improved marketing ROI, ensures compliance with data protection regulations, and provides a competitive market advantage. Yencken emphasizes that Spanish companies can leverage the power of customer data and drive their growth, establish stronger customer relationships, and achieve success on a broader scale with the help of Fanplayr 360 CDP.

Drawing on Fanplayr's extensive experience in optimizing on-site performance, the creation of a comprehensive customer data platform (CDP) was a natural progression. This CDP extends the optimized user experience to all interactions between a company and its users, offering customers a centralized and complete customer data platform. Rajiv Sunkara, the CTO and co-founder of Fanplayr, highlights the significance of this endeavor in providing customers with a seamless and integrated CDP that maximizes their interactions with users.

With Fanplayr's wealth of experience and expertise, coupled with the optimization of on-site performance, the development of a CDP that encompasses all customer interactions was a logical step. This centralized customer data platform empowers our customers to leverage their data effectively," explains Rajiv Sunkara, CTO, and co-founder.

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