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Supply chain at risk due to lack of components? Fanplayr is the right ally for e-commerce business

The "chain disruption" has progressively been affecting various market sectors since 2021 by creating blocks and limitations on the distribution chain, impacting both physical retail and the online world: in particular, the technology sector and automotive are going through a real "chipgeddon" to which the players in the industry cannot remain indifferent. While the component shortage is still far from being resolved, there are various solutions that businesses are putting in place to meet customer demands, even in times when the product consumers want isn't available.

In an omnichannel context in which consumers have become accustomed to obtaining fast deliveries, the supply and logistics chain has become more complex and difficult to manage. Ensuring the efficiency of the production chain has therefore become one of the priorities for online businesses: it is essential for the players in the sector to develop ad hoc strategies that allow them to face the obstacles of a shortage of materials in an effective and reactive way to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Fanplayr, a company with decades of experience in support of the ecommerce industry, has developed a series of strategies that manage to intervene and offer users a valid alternative, especially when the "desired" product is out of stock. Thanks to its platform based on the use of behavioral data and AI, Fanplayr is able to take on the role of the consumer's online concierge even in the event of the missing item being searched. How? Thanks to Product Recommendations, a service that creates personalized messages tailored to meet the needs of the consumer while visiting the site owned by the customer.

But how do Product Recommendations work? Fanplayr's proprietary platform collects and measures data related to the behavior of each user during each visit. With Product Recommendations, the system considers the pages and products viewed, the items left in the cart and creates targeted offers and messages to re-target users who have left the page or who have left something in the cart, bringing hesitant customers closer and keeping them informed on the products available at the moment.

Product Recommendations are aligned with the catalog and therefore with the brand stock and allow you to show and suggest products targeted for the user and at the same time available in the catalog. If they are not in stock, the Product Recommendations suggest alternative products, but still in line with the user's needs.

Enrico Quaroni, Fanplayr's VP Global Sales, commented

In a problematic context for the traditional way of approaching commerce, both for suppliers and consumers, it is necessary to get involved to find new strategies and circumvent the shortage of products in stock. Fanplayr, thanks to its platform, manages to find the best solution to propose. Product Recommendations have proved to be excellent allies. A concrete example could be the strategy implemented by one of our customers in the automotive sector: if the desired car is not available or has a long waiting list, our system, based on the behavior of the user interested in that vehicle model , will promptly offer him to book a test drive to bring him closer to the desired product, allowing him to become more loyal and have more opportunities for sale in the future.
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