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Behavioral Analysis and Customer Data Platform: interview with Walter Rapino

Being able to obtain detailed customer insights can represent an important advantage, both in terms of business and competitiveness, for brands in any sector.

In particular, a better understanding of the decision-making processes that guide people, obtained through a careful analysis of behavioral data, can prove - as specified by Walter Rapino, country manager Italy Fanplayr, during our interview at the Netcomm Forum 2023 - “a powerful ally of brands in achieving an important and granular level of personalization”.


The information that can be obtained through behavioral analysis, in fact, “allow you to be able to recognize the needs of the user in real time, know how to segment them in the most correct and effective way […], providing the user with a real personalized experience, with the great advantage of being able to propose to each user what they really need at that moment”, Walter Rapino explained.

In addition to the advantage of reporting relevant messages to the individual user in real time, behavioral analysis also allows you to obtain information that is “activated according to the different needs of the brands”.


In order to succeed in this intent, however, it is necessary to clearly know the goal you want to achieve and look carefully at all the data that are collected and that need to be processed appropriately. This is where a customer data platform can be useful.

Only once the data has been collected and processed appropriately can you proceed with structuring an effective strategy, implementing the actual operation of all the solutions useful to respond simultaneously to both the needs of users and brands.

As explained again by Walter Rapino: “a customer data platform […] really allows with a certain ease to guarantee a uniformity of communications and strategic outputs that we offer to our users within any different channel, maximizing their behavioral experience.”

Among the various customer data platforms that can be used there is Fanplayr’s one, which is called Fanplayr 360. The country manager for Italy of this company, pointed out that some of the advantages offered by Fanplayr 360 are:

“a very important granularity of data, a simplicity of activation and recognition of the user within all channels, to uniform the message and strategies […] a very very competitive commercial offer”.

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