The 3 reasons why product recommendations are effective for brands to boost their eCommerce
Nowadays, the digital market is crowded and extremely competitive: despite the reopening of the physical business, e-commerce sales continue to grow, creating a direct-to-consumer brand influx competing for customers' attention. In order to stand out, brands have to offer a personalized experience to customers, resulting in retail brands constantly looking for ways to get more out of their e-commerce sites. To make this task easier, Fanplayr, a predictive marketing platform based on consumer behavior, has analyzed the benefits of product recommendations and how AI helps optimize e-commerce sites. As well as the proper implementation of the tools that promote them.

Among the main reasons that make product recommendations valuable and profitable for brands is that they make the user's shopping experience more personal. Moreover, the potential of Artificial Intelligence is articulated through different tools that favor the purchase of products. Among them, the ones that work best are: "Other products that you may like", "Often bought together", "Recommended for you", "Recently Viewed", and "Product ranking".

Regarding the relationship between brand and consumers, the analysis recommends using some communication tool between both. These include direct recommendations through the site, sending emails or push notifications on the web.

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