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Thanks to Fanplayr strategies we have collected more than 6,500 leads so far this year, achieving our goals and keep on moving forward for the rest of the year.

Carlos Arenas
Digital Director
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CR% of + 130%
compared to the CR of the non-targeted

"Fanplayr keeps our customer engaged and satisfied in their user's journey, helping us increase our online business performance taking care of every single aspect of the strategy. From data analysis to reporting, Fanplayr takes care of every single step of the project, delivering excellent results without effort from our team"

Gabriela Rivera Dantas
E-commerce Coordinator
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AOV 44%
higher than the site wide AOV

“Thanks to Fanplayr we have access to a full suite of services that smashed our revenue number and created a pool of affiliated customers. We look forward to continuing to leverage the amazing solutions Fanplayr can offer”,

said Gabriel Safirsztein
CEO of Style Store
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Fanplayr has been a strategic partner for us since, through its technology, it has allowed us to better understand the behavior of our customers on our website and thereby improve conversion.

Ignacio Sime
Digital Platforms Assistant Manager
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Conversion Rate

"Fanplayr has a large number of scenarios for the display of personalized messages to improve the customer on-line experience. We plan to adopt many of scenarios ourselves as we develop precise shopper segmentation in the future. This is important due to an ongoing need to simplify navigation across our many brands and categories."

Tsunakawa Hiroto
Web Team Leader at ARKnets
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+50% of users
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Using the fully managed service provided by the Customer Success team at Fanplayr, we constantly adapt strategies based on the changing of user habits and based on seasonality.

Marta Dones
Customer Marketing Manager Infinity+
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