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Fanplayr’s advanced real-time segmentation technology excels in the mobile telecoms sector
With a wealth of experience extending over many years in the Telcos sector in the EU, Fanplayr has been successfully working with brands to personalize and optimize the onsite experience and drive performance. Let's see the strategies that Fanplayr curated for an Italian emerging mobile service provider, ultimately increasing the volume of conversions to over a thousand per month.
Interview with Enrico Quaroni: Fanplayr's growth and next steps for 2022
In this interview for Engage, our VP Global Sales Enrico Quaroni talks about Fanplayr's next development steps, taking into account the new challenges and opportunities for the company in a market that is confronted with cookieless and new privacy regulations.
The advantages of SMS marketing as a strong strategy for brands
A strategy based on sending personalized SMS messages can be very effective for brands that want to retarget their customers at the right time. Fanplayr reflects on the features to take into account to optimize a marketing strategy based on SMS marketing.
An interview with Juan Sevillano,VP Iberic Region Fanplayr, and Lidia Sanz Montes, General Director of the AEA
In this Interview for Marketing Directo, Juan Sevillano, VP Portugal + Spain Fanplayr, and Lidia Sanz Montes, general director of the AEA, discuss possible solutions to face the increase in advertising costs on the different platforms.
Supply chain at risk due to lack of components? Fanplayr is the right ally for e-commerce businesses
Thanks to Product Recommendations and Artificial Intelligence, Fanplayr becomes an ally of e-commerce businesses to face the lack of raw materials and products in stock worldwide.
Fanplayr at Netcomm Forum 2022, Italy
Fanplayr is pleased to announce its participation in the 2022 edition of the Netcomm Forum, the reference event for the Italian digital world. Enrico Quaroni introduces the topic he will talk about during his workshop: the role of behavioral data as an effective and productive strategy for the future of ecommerce.
How does Artificial Intelligence help with the personalization of customer journeys in the travel business?
AI offers many opportunities for travel agencies, and becomes a perfect ally for them as well as an integral part of trip planning for customers. Learn how Fanplayr’s technology helps travel businesses by leveraging first-party data to deliver highly segmented and targeted content and interactions.
The 3 reasons why product recommendations are effective for brands to boost their eCommerce
Discover the benefits of product recommendations to boost your ecommerce and improve your user experience, by displaying and suggesting relevant products to users through the help of Artificial Intelligence.

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